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About Us
Carpe Diem Akademie is passievol oor leerders wat hulle volle potensiaal en ontwikkelling bereik. Ons glo dat hulle positief behoort te wees oor hulle self, hul wêreld en Skepper. Ons is 'n veel-rassige Hoërskool met 'n Christelike etos, geregistreer by die Departement van Onderwys in Gauteng en geakkrediteer by Umalusi, die raad vir gehalte versekering in algemene en verdere onderwys en opleiding vir onafhanklike skole. Ons is trots op ons uitstekende resultate in elke graad, veral ons matriekuitslae, waarvoor ons deur die GDO geprys is vir die afgelope 15 jaar. Carpe Diem Academy is passionate about learners reaching their full potential. We believe that they should be positive about themselves, their world and their Creator. We are a non-racial High school with a Christian ethos, registered with the Department of Education in Gauteng and accredited with Umalusi, the council for quality insurance in general and further education and training for independent schools. We pride ourselves on our excellent results in every grade, especially our matric results; for which we are commended by the GDE for the last 15 years. Carpe Diem Academy is a Secondary school for learners from Gr. 8 – Gr.12, there are normally not more than 14 learners per class.  All teachers are qualified and registered with SACE.  Carpe Diem Academy is a parallel-medium, multi-racial school with a Christian ethos. Carpe Diem Academy is registered with the Gauteng Education Department and is situated in Wingate Park in the east of Pretoria. The school is ideal for learners who thrive in a more informal environment, still with a high emphasis on academic achievement.  Because of smaller classes and individual attention, Carpe Diem Academy is also suited for children with ADD and ADHD. The National curriculum is followed and the National Senior Certificate examination is written.  A wide range of subjects, including Visual Art, Computer Application Technologies and Engineering Graphics and Design are available to choose from. Over the past 14 years, we boast with an excellent Matric pass rate. Come and visit the school or contact Mr. George Moorcroft, principal of Carpe Diem Academy for further information.
Mr. George Moorcroft Principal
3. REGVERDIGHEID / FAIR / JUST Regverdigheid kweek verskeie ander waardes wat van belang is in daaglikse lewe. Fairness cultivates a wide range of other values that is important in daily living. 4. EERBAARHEID / HONOUR Om met integriteit jouself te handhaaf, terwyl jy oor die die vermoe beskik om te kan besluit en doen wat moreel eerbaar is. To handle oneself with integrity whilst possesing the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.
Hystorical backround and achievements of Carpé Diem Academy Carpé Diem Academy is a unique private high school that specializes in smaller classes with more individual attention for learners. The school offers Afrikaans and English first additional and home langauge, maths, maths literacy, LO and 7 other subjects for Gr.10-12, Gr.8&9 do all prescribed subjects. Carpé Diem Academy opened its doors in 2001 with only 7 learners, but has since grown to between 120-150 learners. Our biggest intake of learners happens in the second and third term when main stream schools identify and refer students with learning problems to Carpé Diem Academy. Various Educational Psychologist, Psychologist and Occupational Therapist refer learners to us. The proof of Carpé Diem Academy’s success lies in its results. Since 2006 we have had a Gr.12 pass rate of between 90-100%. In 2015, 33 of the 36 matrics passed.In 2016, 35 of the 37 gr.12s passed and only 4 learners failed in g.8-11. The passrate for the rest of the school since 2006 has been between 95-100%. Many of the learners went and studied at Tertiary institutions. Since 2014 the whole school started to work on tablets. We also have various Sports which the learners participate in. Soccer, Karate, Archery, Chess, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby, Horseriding and Ice Hockey. Brandon Husselman has been picked as the best u/20 Ice Hockey player at World Championships in 2016 . Some learners also participate in Drummajorets, Ballet, Hip Hop and Drama, we want the students to be active and participate. The School also have a Eco Club which is actively involved in the community. The Tshwane Council is responsible for cleaning and looking after the Wingate Park Nature Reserve Grounds, and the members of the Eco Club assist the Tswane Council with this responsibility as a community effort. Dr. Jeva well known for his work in ADD and Dr. Esterhuizen visited our school during a Parents Evening and persented special knowledge on the matter of ADD and the importance of participating in sports and keeping students involved in the community. We are proud of every student, but more so we are proud of our staff members and their hardwork that has contributed emmensly to the success of our students and our school
Our Vision and Mission        MISSION (AIM) It’s not enough to get inspired and have lofty dreams, all learners have to believe in themselves and know with conviction that they will achieve them. Pursuing their destiny with the necessary skills required. VISION Making education available to all by using a customized approach to teaching learners with hyperactivity, concentration problems, ADD, ADHD and emotional problems. Thereby creating an environment where all learners can reach their full potential. MOTTO (ETHOS)  Believe “ Accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of”  Achieve “Reach or attain (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage”  Become “Begin to be; grow to be; turn into.”
HOOF SE WAARDES / PRINCIPAL VALUES: 1. GODSDIENS / RELIGION As belydende Christen glo ek dat ons Godsdienstige beginsels en waardes van kardinale belang is. Die uitleef daarvan is dan ook baie belangrik in die skool waar ons met leerders, ouers en personeel werk. As a Christian I believe that Christian values and principals are of great importance. It is integral to live these values where we deal and work with learners, parents and staff. 2. BESTE JY/ BEING THE BEST YOU My persoonlike doelwit is om ‘n voorbeeld vir almal om my te wees. Ek streef na die beste vir elkeen en sal graag wil hê elkeen moet suksesvol wees. My personal goal is to be a good example / role model for every one around me. Because I want the best for everyone around me I encourage them to also aim for the best. 5. VERDRAAGSAAMHEID / TOLERANCE Om oor die vermoe te beskik om verdraagsaam te wees teenoor leerders,ouers en personeel veral waar mens self oor gedrag en opinies verskil, Having the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behavior that one dislikes when dealing with learners, parents and staff.