Carpie News – Volume 3 – Carpe Diem Academy
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Carpie News – Volume 3

Hello Carpies!!!

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Birthdays for the Month of March:

Leonne Struwig 10 March
Joel Mokoape 13 March
Joanette Dreyer 27 March

Marcelle de Lange 4 March
Jordan Lotter 29 March
Sebastian Marais 25 March
Chuma Mtintsinala 19 March
Nastachia Schwan 19 March

Teacher Feature:

Mrs. Robin Oosthuizen
Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Sciencev

Favourite Colour: Topaz blue/ turquoise

Phobia: Thalassophobia – Fear of large bodies of water

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite animal: Elephant

Random hobby: Collects children’s novels

What do you love about math: Every problem has a solution – Sarah Grobler


In outdoor news…

Grades 10 & 12 Hike is around the corner! I hope you are ready because we certainly are! Get those bags packing and don’t forget anything. For more information, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ingrid van Zyl.

At Carpe Diem Academy we care

Join us as we believe, achieve, and become great citizens of the community and leaders of our country. Here is a reminder of what we stand for in leadership and education. The school is our pride and we, staff and learners, are proud to be a CARPIE.

Carpe Diem Academy’s loving environment provides a sense of inclusivity, unity, and security. It provides a new home away from home. A home consisting of teachers with parental qualities such as love, support, and encouragement and that inspires students to believe more, achieve more, and become more. As a parent you can rest assured that your child’s best interests are being catered for. We inspire all children to take part in leadership to develop them in becoming the best versions of themselves. We take pride in our learners; we love them and encourage them as if they are our own. Besides intellectual enhancement, inclusivity is a core pillar at CDA- Together we are one.

As a school we take pride in our school uniform. As it allows us to stand united and build a strong future together. We encourage our parents and learners to share our vision of unity. Uniforms are compulsory for all learners from grade 8-12. Carpe Diem Academy school wear is branded and is currently available at our shop. If you need any help regarding the uniform, our friendly receptionist is always ready to help and guide you. It is our goal to make sure each learner succeeds. We offer our learners the best possible opportunities to become confident adults and reach their full potential. Our dedicated staff enable us to deliver our programs in an environment that is engaging and attuned to every specific educational need. “We appreciate your efforts; as parents in working towards our vision.”

We are very excited about the athletics day on the 10th of March that is taking place at Hoërskool Waterkloof’s sport grounds. This day is compulsory for all learners. To all our athletes taking part in this prestigious day, good luck! We know that you will keep our school’s name high. To our dedicated cheerleaders working very hard alongside teacher Natalie Bailie, may this day be everything that you hoped and worked for. Without your leadership and encouragement our spirits wouldn’t be so high. To our parents we regret to inform you that you will not be able to attend the athletics day due to Covid-19 regulations that are still in place. Be rest assured that Mr. Turk will be there with his camera, capturing every moment. The photos will be available thereafter on our Facebook page.

We want to thank our dedicated parents that always support our school as well as our willing parents that stand on the school governing body council. Your support in taking this school from strength to strength is much appreciated.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” – John Dewe