Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! – Carpe Diem Academy
713 Woody Street, Wingate Park, Pretoria

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

We are so proud to reveal THREE brand new classrooms, TWO new offices and renovations to the principal’s office, some classrooms and our storerooms! The construction team has worked tirelessly throughout the holidays to get this project completed for school today, and it looks GREAT!

We replaced the two old wooden classrooms as well as the old storeroom, which were all very old and dilapidated, with fresh NEW modular classrooms. There is also a new cozy office for the student counsellor. The principal’s office has a smart new look to it and some of the old classes were modified and given new life.

We’ve been so excited to showcase the new additions! It’s going to be a GREAT year! Tell us what you think.