Saying Goodbye to 2022!!! – Carpe Diem Academy
713 Woody Street, Wingate Park, Pretoria

Saying Goodbye to 2022!!!

As we close off the 2022 academic year, we want to reflect on how memorable and inspiring this past year has been. Our learners showed off their entrepreneurial spirit at international day, proudly displayed their culture on Heritage Day, raced their hearts out in their decorated Kas Kars at Carpie Fees, exhibited their numerous sport skills at the interschool tournaments and exposed their creative sides on days such as slipper day, pets day and “anything but a bag” day. To the learners that showed massive improvement and/or excelled in their academics, we recognize you and are incredibly proud of what you have achieved.

To all the Carpie parents, a big thank-you for your support, partnership and contribution throughout the year. We appreciate it greatly.
We would like to send off well wishes to our 2022 matric learners. We hope your time at Carpe Diem Academy was fulfilling and that the memories you have made with us will never be forgotten.

We are also so excited to welcome our new group of grade 8’s in 2023. Your time at Carpe Diem is bound to be an adventure!

Lastly, we would like to say farewell to two awesome teachers, Louise Van Eeden and Willem De Beer, who will be leaving the school at the end of the year. We thank you both for the valuable time you spent with us as well as the impact you made on our learners. We wish you both the very best in your future endeavors.

With all that said, we are certain next year will be just as eventful and fun. Until then, we wish our learners, parents and staff a wonderful holiday and may everyone safely return in 2023!