Our new school counsellor – Carpe Diem Academy
713 Woody Street, Wingate Park, Pretoria

Our new school counsellor

We would like to extend a big warm welcome to Ms Anna-Marie Labuschagne who will be our new school counsellor. Ms Labuschagne is an honours graduate in psychology and is a registered counsellor with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa.

Ms. Labuschagne’s main role will be live coaching, student support, emotional development and basic counselling. We realize the need for basic counselling within our academic sphere as our learners are all so diverse in their psychological, academic and social development. Our aim is to ensure our learners’ well-being and give them the necessary life skills needed to thrive.

She will be based at the school for three days of the week to provide support and assistance to our learners. Her services will be free to access by any of the learners during this time. Should additional counselling be required the parents will be notified
and the way forward determined.

We are delighted to have Ms. Labuschagne on-board. Her expertise will be of great use to our learners.